Williamsburg, KY
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Most soaps and splashes have been used sparingly meaning a few times. If you want a weight just pm me which ones. All are priced I feel fair and cheap enough to negate that being a major concern. Shipping for a single item $5 and multiples capped at $8 for shipping. Shipping is to the Continental US. When spoken for they are sold pending funds for 24 hours and if not payed for they are available again to anyone.

First Up Are Soaps for $10 a piece plus shipping Let's get these soaps moved Take 4 for $35 shipped That's like $7 a piece after shipping
[Image: O4rSRFt.jpg]
[Image: XRWqWdH.jpg]

Next Up 1 Set - Sherlock used maybe twice for $20 plus $8 Shipping
[Image: uHTmWGD.jpg]

Next up CBL Soaps Outlaw is a match for Stetson and comes with the Stetson AS and Cologne Shown for $20 plus $8 shipping
[Image: 49CriYn.jpg]

Next some odds and ends all prices plus shipping
Big Bottle Atomizer (Proraso, Floid, etc) $5 SOLD
Evil Empire Boar still not broke in but great Knot in a miserable handle because it's B&B $10
Titanium Handle 100mm and stand from Russia New $69 and a 4 week wait, for what I paid $40
Ariana & Evans Post Shave Serum $8
Lucky Tiger $5 SOLD
Pitralon $5
[Image: bXP7NOc.jpg]
[Image: xB40Q1J.jpg]
[Image: SFvMp8H.jpg]
[Image: STOV837.jpg]
[Image: S5EYmmy.jpg]

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Williamsburg, KY

Williamsburg, KY
Lots of selection still

Williamsburg, KY
Big price drop on already cheap soaps

Williamsburg, KY
Doc Holiday and Smoked Black Tea are SOLD

Williamsburg, KY
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Evil Empire Brush SOLD

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(12-18-2019, 10:41 PM)Dave in KY Wrote: Evil Empire Brush SOLD
4 soaps for $35, that's a steal!
Good man to do business with, GLWTS.

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PM Sent

Williamsburg, KY
Responded too. Thank you

Williamsburg, KY
Sorry folks but I'm over the rudeness of some. With this big a listing and the crazy questions like how much to ship a $5 item across the country and apparently $5 which is stated in the ad is too much because you never hear from them again. I mean after I ship that and deduct PayPal fees, how much of that $10 do you think I see. But I'd do it to offer a deal to other wet shavers and gentlemen but not with the rudeness exhibited. That's just 1 example of the no responses after answering questions and never hearing from a person again. Off to the Bay with it all.

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