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For sale to day: a few SMN products:Aqua Di Colonia Ambra EDT list is $125.00 asking $75.00
SMN Aqua Soave -list is $78.00 asking $45.00(no box)reduced to $35.00
Dr Harris Marlborough Cologne-List $60.00-asking $40.00
Wholly Kaw Fougere Bouquet after shave splash-List $21.99 asking $14.00
Please send me a pm with questions,additional photos etc.
Paypal and CONUS.
Thanks for looking.
[Image: oegAlVB.jpg]
[Image: gcQH6WU.jpg]
[Image: bQNtPye.jpg]
[Image: wRumD89.jpg]
[Image: f16t6Un.jpg]
Acqua reduced to $35.00
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