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Thanks -All prices include PayPal fees and CONUS shipping
-US buyers only please

Brad Sears:  24X51 Select Badger - $85.00
Simpson Milk Churn:  23X50 Best Badger - $75.00
Thater 49125-4:  30X60 2-Band Silvertip Badger - $105.00
Thater 05/12 Christmas Brush:  25X52 2-Band Silvertip Badger - $85.00 - SOLD -
Thater Fünf:  29X53 2-Band Silvertip Badger - $85.00 - SOLD -

[Image: XZgWROv.jpg]
[Image: psbOwZZ.jpg]
[Image: BgogXQH.jpg]
[Image: tLmTEis.jpg]
[Image: uMu3Ms2.jpg]
[Image: OUSHcGo.jpg]
[Image: uXKo2nF.jpg]
[Image: W4Di3Nd.jpg]
[Image: 4Klsz5c.jpg]
[Image: JGTF8yN.jpg]
[Image: AYQmVcu.jpg]
[Image: 3rpfOHp.jpg]
[Image: cLsoCux.jpg]
[Image: 2J5q3Sw.jpg]
[Image: tVHCOci.jpg]
[Image: UT2ClhT.jpg]
[Image: RoiFhRk.jpg]
[Image: XBT8ozA.jpg]

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Munich area, Germany
PM sent on the Sears

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What are the details on the Shavemac?

Also, PM sent on the Thater Fünf.
(10-26-2018, 04:43 PM)jfrocke67 Wrote: What are the details on the Shavemac?

Also, PM sent on the Thater Fünf.

The Shavemac was a limited edition brush. I don't remember who it was created for, but only 12 were made. It has a few marks on it that I've tried to show in the photographs.

Man these are some killer prices.
On an eternal den clearing mission at this point.
Wow. Great brushes. I wish I didn’t own 20 brushes myself so I could buy a couple of these. Glwts.
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Prices Reduced..... Will trade towards the purchase of a like new Blackland Blackbird SB in the machined finish.

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