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I recently acquired this razor in a trade but it’s just not going to work out for my shave needs. This one is in amazing condition and is about as perfect as you could expect. 

I am not quite sure what I am looking for but I can tell you this one won’t come cheap as I traded about $1000 + in gear for it (just ask the original seller). I will consider all high end hardware trades or will consider selling it. 

[Image: yr6KgbI.jpg][Image: ERm4ueA.jpg][Image: 9tezUfU.jpg][Image: LvbxjxY.jpg][Image: lvYJNFk.jpg]

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Peachtree City, GA
Andy Fox seeking one. Believe RawFox is his nom de plume

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Just an old slow fat man

That's a unicorn! Good luck!

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Chicago, IL USA
Considering there’s only like 50, I’d say $1k is fair.  BBS-1 goes for 950-1500,  There’s quite a few.

It’s sweet too!  Someone will finally get their mermaid!

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Ok ok, so how many sticks of Arko is it gonna take??   Cool

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Guys, thanks for the offers etc and I was dealing with MULTIPLE people but this one is now gone.

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