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Hello all,

I have a Paladin Winston Churchill 24mm Butterscotch Special Edition edition I would like to see if I can trade for a Somerset color. I love the color, but I happen to already have another color. I'd ideally like it to be a 24-26mm one, but would possibly consider slightly larger. We can work out the difference between a larger size in private. My brush has not seen use yet, and it won't bother me if yours has seen use. I have the tube and everything that came with it.

If I can't find a trade for a Somerset that is fine. I'm not parting with this without another SE to replace it.

[Image: DH6jbyt.jpg]

[Image: Yg3r1BK.jpg]
Still looking. If you have a larger Winston Somerset SE and cash isn't an interest, I have brushes that might be of interest to round out the trade.
Still on the lookout for anyone looking to trade Churchhill SEs!
Still looking if anyone is looking to trade in their Somerset goodness for some Butterscotch goodness. Wink

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