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One Paladin Lotus brush left.

I am selling off a few brushes I have acquired that are not getting any attention. All are in excellent condition and have been used two to three times only and properly cared for.

SOLD (1) Black Eagle Shaving Elephant brush with 25mm knot (this is not a hand tied knot but is fantastic none the less)
Retail with shipping was $169.99 I am asking $155.00 shipped for this and I believe I still have the box.

SOLD (2) Paladin Lotus with 26mm knot in Malachite resin handle. This was listed on the Barely Seconds page but I can’t see a flaw on it. I paid $168.50 delivered and I am asking $115.00 shipped. I have the knot card but not the shipping tube.

(3) Paladin Lotus with 26mm knot in Ivory resin. I purchased this from another member not too long ago. I don’t physically possess the knot card but the picture shown here is of the correct, corresponding card. These retail for $180 plus shipping. I am asking $125 shipped.

Shipping to the US only at this time.
[Image: JrrrP2R.jpg][Image: uQMDR9z.jpg][Image: M7dY4b5.jpg][Image: wVvtPzU.jpg][Image: f4jvakc.jpg]

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One more bump for a great brush at a great price
Final bump. $110 shipped to the US

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