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For sale is a like new Paladin Lotus brush in Krakatoa resin with 26mm 2CLSD5 knot. Included will be the picture that came with the brush but I no longer have the shipping tube. This was purchased new by me a few weeks ago and has been lathered up 3 or 4 times only.

Brand new this was $200 plus shipping. I am asking $170 shipped.

I also have a very special Paradigm 17-4 that I am offering for trade. It is one of only two or three that Andy had coated. The 17-4 was supposed to be offered with this advanced coating but it was too expensive. I am interested in a like new Paradigm Titanium V1. I could possibly be swayed to sell it (if the price was right) but at this time but would rather trade it for another hard to find Paradigm razor. (email me for pictures).

[Image: tgoIok7.jpg]
[Image: QQ2QicU.jpg]
[Image: 1rLhCuF.jpg]
[Image: JW9nIAX.jpg]

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Both items still available

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