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For sale is an excellent condition Paladin Vintage Port beehive brush with 26mm 2clsd5 knot. I purchased this as a brand new brush from fundzalo a couple weeks ago. He did not have the picture and I did not keep the shipping tube. This is an excellent brush and knot but I originally wanted a Lotus shaped brush and the beehive hasn’t really grown on me. I have used this brush approx. 4 times and will clean it with PAA brush soap before any sale.

I paid $200 for this. Being that I don’t have the picture or shipping tube, I am asking $165 shipped and will also consider trades for a Paladin Lotus (I already have ivory). There are no chips, scuffs, or scratches on this brush handle.

[Image: z3wUQaH.jpg]
[Image: r59JJkW.jpg]
[Image: sMuxrlX.jpg]
[Image: QDJfLab.jpg]
[Image: g8ebICr.jpg]
Price drop
Will consider trades but at this moment, not sure what I would ask for so please don’t be offended if I politely say, “no thanks”
Last months beehives were the hottest thing going. How is this thing not sold! Someone buy it before I do please
Tell me about It. I am losing my butt on this one now. I guess I could always just learn to love the beehive!

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