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I love both of these scents, but I"ve been very curious about mallard fougere and lavender.
Both of my soaps have been used once or twice, looking to trade for fairly new ones also.
It'll be nice to trade both with the same person, but not necessary.
I'm in the CONUS
Thank You!

Edit: I realized that both of the soaps I"m looking for are currently available, I'm willing to sell them for the same price as a fougere or lavender would cost me, so $25 each, paypal F&F, includes shipping. CONUS

[Image: 4dnUHXG.jpg][Image: NYiOjKB.jpg][Image: O9odwTR.jpg]

Also willing to sell, see edit note above.

Barbershop is sold, only looking for fougere at this point.

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