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Den clearing razor sale:

Prices include CONUS shipping and PayPal fees. PM with any questions. Thanks for looking!

OneBlade v1                                   $215

Gillette Executive                          $215

ATT Windsor w/ R1 and M1 plates    $230

Feather AS-D2 w/iKon B1 deluxe OC plate   $135

Gillette President                          $110

Jurgen Hempel titanium handle   $90  SOLD

Muhle Rocca v3                               $75

Grand Shave King                            $65

Fine Marvel                                      $30

[Image: BLpyryp.jpg]
[Image: Wf1cKyV.jpg]
[Image: HBFMkyW.jpg]

[Image: TswHLyX.jpg?1]
[Image: WZFBTIo.jpg?1]
[Image: 9Q0o5pD.jpg?1]

[Image: 8FYDKO4.jpg?1]
[Image: DodXDQr.jpg?1]
[Image: pkujQKS.jpg?1]
[Image: 7Hraj6G.jpg?1]
[Image: 9mHNfd5.jpg?1]
[Image: 7SwbepO.jpg?1]

[Image: 0ddITSX.jpg?1]
[Image: fPZNE29.jpg?1]
[Image: G12Y8Sc.jpg?1]
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[Image: keseukW.jpg?1]
[Image: ddaBFYY.jpg?1]

[Image: BiI9vq7.jpg?1]
[Image: 1hYIQqM.jpg?1]
[Image: z2SsdIb.jpg?1]

[Image: BiGZXxQ.jpg?1]
[Image: YXLSJAT.jpg?1]
[Image: KyVL1sC.jpg?1]

[Image: e93xS4I.jpg?1]
[Image: 6W9l6yP.jpg?1]
[Image: TKgjzyU.jpg?1]

[Image: Mu2uoiV.jpg?1]
[Image: TUKurMP.jpg?1]
[Image: qBWRXso.jpg?1]

Peachtree City, GA
Man some nice kit! V1 OneBlade is the best of its mfr by far and looks excellent condition from the pics. Feather is another razor deserving more love - mild but great shaver. GLWS

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Just an old slow fat man
Hempel handle is sold. All other items are still available.
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Price reduction and update:

OneBlade v1 $205

Gillette Executive $200

ATT Windsor R1 SOLD! (M1 plate is SOLD)

Feather AS-D2 SOLD!

iKon B1 deluxe OC plate SOLD!

Gillette President $100

Jurgen Hempel titanium handle SOLD!

Muhle Rocca v3 SOLD!

Grand Shave King SOLD!

Fine Marvel SOLD!
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Razors remaining for sale:

OneBlade v1 SOLD!

Gillette Executive w/case $200

Gillette President $100
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OneBlade v1 is sold!

Still for sale:

Gillette Executive w/case $195

Gillette President $95

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