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I have a few items for sale. CONUS only.

1. Parker Variant - New in box.  Part of a recent purchase form WCS.  It was only un-boxed for the pictures.  I received another one as a gift from my wife, so this razor is redundant.  I paid $57 plus shipping.  Selling for $50 shipped.

2. RazoRock Gamechanger w/ Radio Handle - Used.  I am the second owner.  It's in great shape, and a good razor.  I really like the handle, but I'm not going to breakup the set.  I paid $56.  Selling for $45 shipped.  

3. Vintage Kelson Travel Shaving Brush (Bakelite Tube) - I bought this as a restoration project that I never got around to doing.  It is a great display piece as is, but I like to use the vintage items I buy.  The bakelite tube is in great shape, but the brush needs a new knot.  The chrome holder is anchored, but could use some epoxy.  The handle has some cracking, but I believe it will take a new knot/epoxy and perform for many years to come.  Like I stated - a restoration project.  I paid $38.  Selling for $25 shipped.

Misc - I'll include some blades (samples and Personna 10pk) with the razors.  Also, you can pick one of the following as a freebie with your purchase: (1) Stirling "The Lounge" unopened puck, or (2) Sapone Di Paolo Arancione aftershave balm (new/unused).  Only 2 freebies, so first two buyers will receive these.

Total for everything $120 shipped.

Thanks for looking!

[Image: 2zjsY05.jpg]
[Image: pYbl589.jpg]
[Image: t9uS3H9.jpg]
[Image: vi2ZnDw.jpg]
[Image: kOIxVZe.jpg]
[Image: o0P4cGD.jpg]
[Image: pXlL54Q.jpg]
[Image: SCz4hEF.jpg]
[Image: MWwKELA.jpg]
[Image: R62yfos.jpg]
[Image: BZxC8Lr.jpg]
[Image: 0ID5nu0.jpg]
[Image: nrxqVt1.jpg]
[Image: AyWF3Yt.jpg]
[Image: T06LRNe.jpg]
Oo thats a nice price for the GC. I already have one so I'll have to pass on it. Or maybe I need a backup one? Cool
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You can never have too many razors!

Game Changer sold pending payment.

Damn! I'll take the GC if the first one falls through.
- Jeff

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