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I would like to pick up a Wolfman WR1 61 head in titanium.   I have had a Want to Buy post for a while without any takers.  I am reluctantly going to see if there's any interest in these brushes to help get a deal done.  They are both fantastic brushes and extremely difficult to obtain.   One is an all Lee Sabini Morris & Forndran 3xl Ivory with Tortoise Bands.   It is a great looking handle with the heritage tortoise material that distinguishes this brush as being pre collaboration.  It is from the 2013 time period and one of only 11 ever produced.  The knot is soft with nice backbone and is luxurious to use.  A true standout in any M&F collection. The other is a Declaration Washington B5 in dark amethyst made by Scott.  The handle material distinguishes the knot as this resin was only used for the B5 batch.  This knot is magic.   It is set lower than most Jeffersons and its gel tips shine.  Nice backbone and absolutely wonderful to use.  The bloom on the knot makes it seem much bigger on the face. I love both of these brushes and I am not 100% certain I even want to give either up.  That said,  I also would like to have a ti wr1 61 head.  If you might consider a trade involving one of my brushes, please let me know so that we can discuss it further.   Here are pictures.
[Image: mtLnXQw.jpg]
[Image: WcaH4jZ.jpg]
[Image: oOmR3Ay.jpg]
Knot top shots.  Dec on right, MF on left.
[Image: gOab0X3.jpg]
I also would trade for a wr1 in antique bronze in either a 54 or 61 gap. In that case, since it would be more than just a head, I would add cash on my end.

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