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Hey All.  I'm looking to move a few soaps and I hope you find something you like.  All prices include CONUS shipping.  Please don't hesitate to PM if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

- Martin de Candre (MdC) Unscented [approximately 95% remaining].  I transferred the soap from its original glass jar to a plastic jar with a wider opening.  I do not have the original box and jar, however I transferred the labels on the original jar to the new plastic container.  I also kept the product description cards found inside the original box.  You can see them in the picture next to the soap. $43

- * SOLD * Sudsy Soapery (SS) Citrus and Bay [lathered once]. I also transferred this soap from its original container to a larger tub into order to make lathering easier.  $12

- * SOLD * Cold River Soap Works Jeff Soap [approximately 85% remaining].  Limited edition soap sold in support of a great cause last year.  Like the above two soaps, this soap was also transferred from its original, smaller, container to larger one. $8

- Oleo Soapworks Canard [lathered twice].  This is the unscented duck fat base.  Still in original container. $17

- * SOLD * MER Shaving Samples [new/unused].  One is the artisan's Barbershop scented soap and the other is called Sea Breeze and is an aquatic scent. They are each 1.25 oz. $3 each

[Image: c3uy5yW.jpg]

[Image: Ill7wEP.jpg]

[Image: S2LayRT.jpg]
CRSW sold
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Are the MER samples the duck fat formula?
Yup. Sorry. Forgot to mention that the MER Shaving samples are the duck fat base.
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MER samples sold
Sudsy Soapery sold

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