Knothead Brush Works custom brush auction for DFS. Read more here!!

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Offering an immaculate M&F brush with a 26mm blonde badger knot. I checked with Brad Sears and he confirmed that the handle of this brush was not turned by him.

The knot has a pronounced glue bump , similar to those of the early Sabini’s  brushes.

Asking price is $176 delivered CONUS. I would be also interested to exchange for a Paladin. Let me know what you have.

Thank you,
[Image: Ycfju66.jpg][Image: uqKQF2W.jpg]

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You have the box and papers?
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I do not. I am not aware that Lee supplied papers and boxes with his M&F brushes either.

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Would also be interested in a Shavemac two band or Ch2 Silvertip. In the case of the CH2 will certainly add $$ and/or rare software
Traded! Thank you DFS and a fellow DFShaver!

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