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I am looking for a Declaration Grooming Dark Amethyst Washington B5 to complete my set. Here are some potential items for trade (clockwise from upper left): 

[Image: IMG-0349.jpg]

1. Dogclaration Kashyyyk B5 28mm 
2. DG Jefferson Orange Mocha Frappucino B8 
3. DG Jefferson Autumn B6
4. Wolfman SS WRH2 hollow (90mm, mirror polish) 
5. Wolfman SS WR2  1.25 SB (basic polished) 
6. Mozingo/Shavemac D01 3-Band 25mm
7. Soaps, all unused- THB Regents & Tangerine Creeper, Talbot Gates of the Arctic & Chittenango Creek, T+S Yakushima 

I realize this might not be an even, 1-to-1 trade in either direction, but we can figure something out. Thanks

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