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Orange and pink brush is approx. 2 1/8" tall with a 24mm 2 band finest TGN knot. Only used a couple of times. Made by Brett Mozingo. $40 shipped

SOLD Multi color brush is approx. 1 3/4" tall with a 26mm 2 band finest TGN knot (I think). Only used once or twice as I was testing out my desire for a 26mm and didn't like it. Made by Brett Mozingo. $45 shipped.

Disco Brush is made by Leo Frilot and according to him is 48mm with 24mm GameChanger knot. This was used once or twice and I decided I did not care for synthetic knots. I am asking $30 shipped.

[Image: 3u04eBe.jpg]
[Image: lHrPuQg.jpg]
[Image: LKFyMMm.jpg]
Ill take the 26mm Mozingo if its still available
I want brush I'm second pic
... trust in the Lord with all your heart....
I will take the disco if it is available. Pm me

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