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I have the following 2 lots. Shipping will be from Canada. Those who are international (including USA) will be responsible for any custom, brokerage and duty charges. Shipping is included for Canada and Continental US.

- Wm. Newmann & Co. 1911 shaving cream. Used 2X
- Wm. Newmann & Co. 1911 aftershave balm. Used 2X
- Truefitt&Hill Trafalgar shaving cream 2.6oz tube. Used 1X
- Cold River Soap Works Puro Presco aftershave balm. Used 4-5 X
     Liquid line roughly 1/2" above the top of the label.
- Tcheon Fung Sing Bergamotto Neroli soap. Used 5X
- Tcheon Fung Sing Bergamotto Neroli balm. Used 3X
- Edwin Jagger best badger brush. Barely Used
- Vitaman toner. +/- 95%

Asking $60USD shipped

- Caties Bubbles Ocean Grove soap. +/- 80%
- Razorock Blue Barbershop soap. Used 5X
- Razorock Gold soap. Used 10X
- RazorRock Mudder Focker soap. Used 1X
- Barrister & Mann Reserve Classic soap. Used 5X
- Barrister & Mann Reserve Classic aftershave. Used 2X
- Barrister & Mann Cologne Russe soap. Used 2X
- Haslinger Schafmilch soap. NEW
- Razorock chrome plissoft brush. Barely Used

Asking $100USD shipped to North America

I've decided to split the lot. I'm only leaving this post activate until mid week. If it doesn't sell, I'll bring them to an offline networking event for an eventual sale.

[Image: lSknUEb.jpg]
[Image: b1hVXWv.jpg]
[Image: OO7fFEg.jpg]
[Image: c2tJa6A.jpg]
[Image: jlAxzA5.jpg]
Lot has been split

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