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Excellent condition razor without box. All parts are lightly patina’d like most other, non-polished brass Karve razors. I am asking $100 shipped to the US only. Will not separate the pieces. Very few “G” plates made. I just don’t grab for it that much. Pictures to follow shortly.

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Will also include a like new Shavemac synthetic brush as part of the sale. [Image: zTV0fGN.jpg][Image: SIJj7RD.jpg][Image: 9LiWxj7.jpg]

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[Image: VvQmKyw.jpg]
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Yikes - how is this still here???? the Karve *with a G plate* AND a Shavemac brush for $110??

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If I didn’t already have a 3” Karve razor with an F plate and am now done with synthetic brushes, I’d be all over this. That G plate looks tempting...
I wanted to give synthetic brushes one more try so I bought the custom handled Shavemac. Still don't like them.
I would love to split this up but I would not want to get stuck with parts only.

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