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Offering the following for sale. Prices shipped CONUS.

6. Muhle R41 2011 heads (Not same as current R41 heads. 2011 is quite rare to find. 2 heads available). $120 each
7. ATT R2 OC and H2 OC base plates. $30 each or $55 for both
8. IKON OC (B1 Deluxe) and OSS (B1 Deluxe) base plates. $20 each or $35 for both.

Two IKON razors that are out of production for a few years now and are relatively rare to find. Both solidly built and in excellent condition:

1. IKON S3S full stainless steel 3-piece razor. $170 *** SOLD ***

2. IKON 2PB full stainless steel 2-piece razor. $130  *** SOLD ***

3. Aslyum RX razor in excellent condition in original packing. $150 *** TRADED ***

4. Streamline Ever-Ready SE razor with case. Some scratches on top plate and some plating loss on neck of handle but overall good working condition. $70 *** SOLD ***

5. Ikon OC and OSS base plates. $15 each or $25 for both. *** SOLD ***

Only trades I am interested in are a Sabre L2 head (Found a Karve Brass razor). Thank you for looking.

For more pics, check this link: Full album

[Image: D8MFYNe.jpg]

[Image: c7We1zj.jpg]

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