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Prices include shipping CONUS ONLY. If you would like additional pictures/info on a certain item please PM me prior to buying and I will respond as soon as my time allows. Please don’t comment on my prices, some things I purchased directly, some I purchased on the 2nd hand market.

Rare two band best badger in bulb shape CH2  $375
[Image: PSCIiL4.jpg]

KingShave/Declaration B7 24mm $200
[Image: awLULp7.jpg]

CH2 silvertip two band badger (no longer available). $300
[Image: 1Y1OMaG.jpg]

Rooney 2XL super badger $300
[Image: hI5VKhz.jpg]

Rooney 2XL super badger $300
[Image: OGStPPY.jpg]

Charcoal Goods OC (oc no longer available) Lv-2 $300
[Image: hfA7xgG.jpg]

Charcoal Goods Lv-2 maze handle v1 (maze v1 no longer available) $310
[Image: BeDXlM7.jpg]

Timeless OC .95 scalloped top cap $190
[Image: X3jvlUr.jpg]

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Paradigm Ti2 first run small box $400
[Image: 13naW8j.jpg]

Rare hard to find first gen 1930s streamline. Great shape, has some brassing and scratches but not thrashed. $200
[Image: LyhWWkj.jpg]

Very rare GEM jewel in great shape has normal wear for its age scuffs and scratches but not thrashed. $300
[Image: zWDy73C.jpg]

Fatboy excellent shape/lady Gillette slight brassing on bottom/Gillette tech handle excellent shape. SOLD
[Image: 92UeFXh.jpg]

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PM sent

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Living on the edge
That Ti2 looks gorgeous.
Pm sent for Paradigm

Munich area, Germany
(03-19-2019, 10:34 AM)Joli Wrote: Pm sent for Paradigm

You're welcome Big Grin Wink

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Wolfman WR1 SB .74 $600 (no box)
[Image: TfmZiTd.jpg]

Wolfman WR1 OC .61 $600 (no box)
[Image: vZwpi40.jpg]

LASSCO Wolfman BBS-1 w/rare polished handle. (No box) $1200
[Image: Dzl7QVV.jpg]

Paradigm 17-4 $400
[Image: kNWPTxE.jpg]

Paladin falstaff 26mm $220
[Image: KjpHI4W.jpg]

M&F 2XL blonde badger $220
[Image: ky6JtWN.jpg]

Paladin falstaff 1st Halloween release 26mm $230
[Image: r0QhW5H.jpg]

M&F 2XL old school Lee Sabini (pre brad sears) single ring blonde badger $350
[Image: NHxyd5s.jpg]

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Wiborg “the Marshall” 28mm white badger $950
[Image: Jy18Foq.jpg]

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Good grief. A tip of the hat to you, sir.
All I can say is WOW

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