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For sale:

H&S N075 mixed metal, head only - Black hardcoat 7075 aluminum baseplate and 303 stainless steel machined vibro-finish top cap. Super smooth shaver purchased new in July 2020.  $120

Price includes CONUS shipping and PayPal fees. PM if interested. Thanks for looking!

[Image: DjLgFVm.jpg?1]
[Image: CgjyZso.jpg?1]

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What type threads does it use?
Not sure, but works fine with Jürgen Hempel, RazoRock and Weber handles.

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Peachtree City, GA
Believe 5x0,8 mm

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Just an old slow fat man
Best mild razor on the market IMO.

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Redwood City
this is a great price for an outstanding razor.

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