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Going to go nearly all unscented soaps for at least an extended period of time.  This is not to state leaving Grooming Department but rather going with their unscented versions which will cover all the bases except Mallard to best of my knowledge from conversations with Mo.  

Anyway have about 30 GD soaps and offering them in lots.  Tried working multiple splits and not worth effort.  NONE of these soaps have been used -  can give interior pics if wanted but all are fine - NEW.

Please PM me directly  Also have a Lime, Kolnisch and Lavender may be talked into parting but trying to save for friends less adventourous to scent to introduce to world of Grooming Dept soap paradise.

Lot 1 sold, next up Lot 2:
Buy all 10 for $190
Keeping this as a single shipped group

[Image: iLMqJH0.jpg]

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all, I split these posts from Mohammad's thread to its own thread in the b/s/t section at his request.
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PM sent.

Don't happen to have any Angel do you?
On an eternal den clearing mission at this point.

(01-16-2018, 01:37 AM)DanLaw Wrote: Lot 3

No pic for that lot.
On an eternal den clearing mission at this point.

(01-16-2018, 03:48 AM)DanLaw Wrote: Not yet. Awaiting selling one of these lots first

Ok I might be interested in 5 soaps if you want to do a mini lot to get some sold.
On an eternal den clearing mission at this point.
I would be interested in a mini lot if you are willing to break up. I have been lurking on the site until today when your offer influenced me to register. I don't have enough posts to PM you yet.

Peachtree City, GA
I'd be down for four of them. Magnolia, Voyage, After the Fire and Amber & Oud, maybe Neroli if you're interested.

Peachtree City, GA
I am willing to ship multiple locations with postage adjustments but not predisposed to attempt enjoining multiple buyers based on bad experiences. So if you have friends, go at it.

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