Palmerton, PA
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The 2 mallards, the mallard kulfi and the chypre conifere were used 1-2 times. The other 13 are brand new never used.  I do not want to split the lot up. Sorry I have gotten responses for this already. Im not being mean I just will not ship out 17 different packages. Interested in razors, soaps or cash ( I do not have a set price in mind at the moment.  If cash is preferable to you we can work something out)[Image: i52QUtE.jpg]

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Palmerton, PA
Noble otter and FG in pic are not included
Wow, insta-den! Sadly there's only 6 tubs there that I would want to keep.
Happy to trade for the whole lot, but I think it would make it easier on everyone if we knew what you were looking for (or NOT looking for).
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Palmerton, PA
I have no clue what I am looking for or what other people have to offer. I have so much just seeing what is out there. I just do not want to split and make the post office rich.
PM sent

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