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I am offering for sale a nice selection of barely used GD soaps. I will list the soap name along with the weight displayed on a USPS scale. The soaps were weighed with the lid on. I am asking $190 shipped CONUS.

Kolnisch: 6.3 oz.
Magnolia and Oud: 6.4 oz.
Pekin: 6.8 oz.
Chypre Conifere: 6.7 oz.
Naranja de Sangre: 6.6 oz.
Incense and Rose: 6.8 oz.
Citric: 9.2 oz. (Mo must have spilled some)
Mandarin Bay: 6.7 oz.

Also included will be these 4 Mike’s Natural soaps. Listed you will see their weight per USPS scale in the tins.

Wild Honeysuckle: 6.7 ounces
Lemongrass and Eucalyptus: 7.0 ounces
Orange, CW, Black Pepper: 7.1 ounces
Barbershop: 6.8 ounces

I would like to sell these as one lot to avoid additional shipping fees and confusion on my part. If there is a one or two soaps you just have to have, send me an offer and maybe we can work something out. I think the only one of these soaps currently available is Kolnisch from WCS. All others are sold out.

[Image: W1knfES.jpg][Image: xAQ5Ta2.jpg]

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Good god love the pekin, mandarin and chypre! Great lot!

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