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Thater brushes are known for their overall quality, topped by soft tips. These two gorgeous brushes here are special edition Thaters — 4124/2 — with a 24mm knot two-band silvertip set to a 50mm loft. The fan-round knots are dense with solid backbone. The tips are silky soft, of course.  The only drawback for me in them is the short loft, at 50mm. I prefer a higher loft. I've used each about a half a dozen times. New, these brushes are priced at $179 each. Your price is $135 each ($260 for both) shipped U.S. Paypal is fine. No trades, please. Thanks.

1.  Onyx Madeira — WITHDRAWN

2.  Imperial Red —  SOLD

[Image: fG6PVQF.jpg]
[Image: 3htPKFW.jpg]
[Image: lsszwXe.jpg]

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The Imperial Red Thater is sold. The other brush is still available.

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