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Selling the following items. All prices are in CAD and free shipping to North America:

1) Gillette Raised Flat Bottom #44 with the hollow ball end handle. All of the teeth are straight, there are no cracks in the handle and the silver plating is mostly intact. There is some plating loss on the top cap - $85 CAD SOLD

2) Timeless dual comb 0.95 in stainless steel with the smooth Timeless top cap (both are in polished finish). The razor is on a Weber Bulldog handle and has been used for four shaves - $200 CAD SOLD

3) Simpson Chubby 2 in best badger. Used sparingly over the last few months. The brush is starting to shed a few hairs - $150 CAD SOLD

Photos of all items below:

[Image: 63fr7lH.jpg]
[Image: 1vEyBt5.jpg]
[Image: TDjjE8I.jpg]
[Image: mvZV2xX.jpg]

[Image: hQkfYMj.jpg]
[Image: QpLcrhx.jpg]
[Image: YHE8mDG.jpg]
[Image: oZwvonv.jpg]

[Image: FcgHb4T.jpg]
[Image: 5nrDTNX.jpg]
If you’ve never tried an RFB #44, do yourself a favor and get one. It’s a wonderful shaver....so smooth.This one looks to be in great shape at a great price. I hope someone grabs this one before I convince myself I need a backup. GLWTS!

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The RFB and the Chubby 2 have been sold. Feel free to make reasonable offers on the Timeless!

Thank you DFS. Mods, please archive.

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