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Hey all.  Looking to sell two (2) Gillette NEW Short Comb heads and a West Coast Shaving brass handle. Teeth on the two SC heads are straight and intact. The top of the WCS Handle was narrowed down (by me with a file) to ensure it fit snug with the SC baseplate.

I also have a NEW common bar handle (see pic) that I’ll thrown in for free if you want it.  To be fair, I think the common bar handle is meant for a NEW LC as the end of the neck has too large a diameter to fit flush to the bottom of the SC baseplate.

Lot - $25 shipped CONUS

OR itemized:

NEW SC head - $10 shipped per head

WCS brass handle - $10 shipped

Please feel free to PM if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.

[Image: og7aWhD.jpg]

[Image: VtG0Xx3.jpg]

[Image: thH1SsY.jpg]

[Image: RLRwFIb.jpg]

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