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Seattle, WA (USA)
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I want to buy some Gem PTFE coated blades (under 100).  Please PM me if you have some for sale.  Thank you.

How many are you looking to buy?
- Jeff

Virginia, USA
If you need 10, consider AndrewShaveShop's offer here on Etsy.  Andrew is our very own linuxguile.  

If you need 100, the Razor Blade Company has the best price I have found domestically.  I ordered their 65-0165 blades (here) and received a Personna GEM branded 62-0178 box of 100 PTFE blades.  This may not help you now, but FWIW Connaught has the best price I have seen for 100 GEM PTFE blades (US$13.66 w/out VAT), provided you order enough to get the free shipping.
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Seattle, WA (USA)
(11-04-2018, 08:57 PM)wyze0ne Wrote: How many are you looking to buy?

Between 20 and 100.

Seattle, WA (USA)
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