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Looking for grooming dept mallard base coconut rum or the Earl Grey.
Also citric but would consider any of his soaps in reality.
Thanks everyone
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I have a new Verbrannt and a lightly used Magnolia.

Verbannt and chypre conifere
Actually already have verbannt. Thank you though.
Mostly the lighter, citrus, fruity, even gourmand scents are what I'm mostly after.
Have you considered the vegan soaps? Kölnicsh is one of the best smelling soaps I've come across. I don't think much, if anything, is lost in the vegan base. It's not as thick as the mallard base, but I like it as much as the tallow soaps.
I have a lightly used Tao if you are interested.
Have found citric. Skill looking for Earl Grey, coconut rum, and island in the sun if anyone has it

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