Chester County, PA
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2 MacDuffs (both scooped, both used 2x and one sample sent to a friend of Coast to Coast and 2 samples sent of Prairie Rum Runner). 

1 Chiseled Face Bay Rum used once and one sample sent to a friend.  

Always scooped.  35 shipped to US address (USPS or UPS ground).  Will trade for an Ethos Bay Rum or Tortola soap if scooped. 

[Image: ABNcCPV.jpeg][Image: NSr4RWz.jpeg][Image: NSVgTlO.jpeg][Image: rBBwINx.jpeg]

Thank you guys and have a great day!

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How to Want What You Have
Interesting offerings.  If you get to the point of being willing to expand the trading possibilities, let me know.

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