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Hello all,

I've got a few razors and a handle I'm looking to acquire. The first is a British Aristocrat #16 style razor. I know the number refers to the case, and all I want is as seen in the photo below. The TTO knob that goes up as you twist, with the flat base on the bottom. If the razor has a case that's fine, but I only need one that is in relatively good looking shape to shave with.

[Image: dUOHyIa.jpg]

The second item I'm looking for is a Timeless Scalloped stainless steel razor with ideally a Barbershop handle. Dimpled is a close runner up, and I would consider some others too.

The last item I'm considering is an Aristocrat handle made by one of the various makers. Stork, Triad, UFO, Hempel, just so long as it has that classic Aristocrat knurling I would consider it if the handle falls between 85-90mm long. I don't think that will be too much of a problem as most of the ones I've seen seem to fall in that number, except for a UFO Colibri. None of the excessively heavy handles either that might have the Aristocrat knurling either, please. Found one!

Thank you all.
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Instead of clogging up a new post I just took out the trade options. Let's just go with a straight up WTB of the Flat base British Aristocrat and Timeless .68SB Scalloped SS razor. Let me know if you have either of these two items you want to sell.

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