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After seeing churchhillafemme's recent score, I decided that searching for just one Rooney Finest wouldn't be fruitless. Perhaps long as I want a Rooney Finest with a long loft. Please see some of the following pictures for what I mean.

[Image: wKzQZHi.jpg]

[Image: U7yFDFj.png]

1, 5, and 6 are what I would consider long lofted.

I'm open to any handle material, and any shape really.

A 2/1 and a 3/3 ivory are two examples I've liked the best from what I've seen, but that Style 1 at the end of the second picture is nice too.

Again, this is not to say I wouldn't consider other types of brushes, but this is merely an example of what I am seeking. Being of a long loft is the crucial factor for me.

Thanks for looking!
Monthly bump to remind folks I'd be interested in purchasing one if you should happen to have one you want to part with. Smile
Thank you all for who looked at my thread! It is greatly appreciated! I found the exact brush I desired! So for those of you out there searching for Rooney Finest, don't give up! Big Grin

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Great. I hope you really enjoy it. They're wonderful brushes.

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