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I don’t have a single Shavemac brush in my collection and was wondering if anybody would be interested to exchange their lightly used 26mm or 28mm (preferably fan) brush with an ebonite handle for one of my brushes below.

Thank you,

[Image: MefC2aO.jpg][Image: HE7iYsa.jpg]

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Would also consider other handle materials.
the ivory/tortoise 2XL M&F is traded. Still looking for a Shavemac with an ebonite handle.
For a right Shavemac with a unique knot and an ebonite handle I could also offer a hard-to-find Polo-8 two band super

[Image: 7PBGkkA.jpg]
Still looking! Would also consider selling all remaining brushes if you are interested and the price is right. Send me your offers!

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