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Fellow Wetshavers, I have some items I would like to pass along to new dens.  I need the funds to purchase more knots for upcoming vintage brush restorations.  PayPal preferred, message me with questions.  Prices include stateside shipping.

$$ SOLD $$Holy Black 'Cracklin Rose' soap / AS set.  This was made for the San Antonio shave meet up.  Paid $38, selling for $35.  I only scooped out a small portion of the soap to use.  Never touched a brush or water.  Aftershave is still taped up.  SWMBO didn't like the scent on me.  Sold
[Image: rh3EVOn.jpg]

Executive Shaving Claymore V1 stainless steel razor, stand, and feather pro blades.  $60 now $55 NOW $50

[Image: hxPK0jg.jpg]
[Image: hLoD7lo.jpg]

Brushcraft Kansas Sky Beehive handle with a TGN 26mm finest badger knot. $50 now $45 NOW $40

[Image: H7NsVVw.jpg]

ThatDarnRob custom handle with an Elite Razor 24mm Manchurian badger knot.  $80 now $75 NOW $70

[Image: Vh569nK.jpg]

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HB set sold. Prices on remaining items reduced.
Final Price Drops.

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