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Found something I really want to buy so trying to raise some funds.  Here's what I've got...

[Image: SF3dBDi.jpg]

Morris and Forndran 28mm Ebonite Super badger - $190 SOLD!
Grizzly Bay purple 28mm 2 band silvertip - $80 SOLD!

[Image: 8bqIjAN.jpg]

Turn n Shave copper 26mm 2 band badger - $90 SOLD!

[Image: cJVb9BN.jpg]

Paladin 26mm Beehive vintage port - WITHDRAWN
Paladin 28mm Churchill Vesuvius - $165 SOLD!
Paladin 30mm WC-XL Krakatoa - $195 SOLD!

[Image: WGXkL3Z.jpg]

Declaration Christmas Prime Jefferson B7, I have 2, will sell one - $225 SOLD!
Declaration Sweet Lemon Jefferson B8 - $260 SOLD!
Declaration Lime Hucklaration B8 30mm - $230 SOLD!

[Image: RJLHZ0q.jpg]

ATT Windsor SS H1 - $125 SOLD!
ATT S2 - $75 SOLD!

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What's the knot code on the Vesuvias
What's the knot code on the Vesuvias - i don't know but it's sold.

Surpisingly intelligent, for a simpleton
On top of the earth's crust
Beautiful brushes! Wish I could buy more! GLWtS!
Pm sent for the purple Grizzly Bay
lost sold. plenty left!
A treasure trove!
(I think I know who No.1 is!)

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