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Time to thin down the brush collection I am selling my B3,B4,B6 & B8.
B3 is on a Carnavis & Richardson Aluminum Handle 26mm Knot. $195
B4 is on a That Darn Rob Handle 26mm $195
B6 is on a Carnavis & Richardson Aluminum Handle 24mm $200
B8 Is the Jefferson Corona $325 SOLD
All brushes are in great condition and the B8 has only been lathered once.
Price includes insured shipping CONUS only. Pic of all 4 is B3 - B8 left to right
[Image: wCUipaY.jpg][Image: jlqI8qo.jpg][Image: KxuCTmO.jpg][Image: B1bRDAf.jpg][Image: ty7mToc.jpg][Image: 0ZDgluw.jpg]

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B8 is sold Thank you buyer and DFS
Beautiful brushes and a GREAT seller!

Shoot, I keep missing those B8’s! Beautiful Brushes!

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Nice brushes. I guess we're talkin' liquidation. GLWTS!
Is the B4 a 26 or 28?
A sublime wet shave is one of life's little joys! Happy Shaving!!
(06-13-2019, 11:28 PM)discerningbev Wrote: Is the B4 a 26 or 28?

I do not remember and Scott did not write it on the box, it measures approximately just over 26mm with my tape measure as I don’t have calipers.
Dropped the prices on the 3 left
what are the sizes of the knots?
B3 is 26
B4 as stated above Measures just past 26
B6 is a 24
Thank You for asking I should have put that in

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