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Left to Right:

Wolfman WR1 .74 gap w/ stand TRADED

Weber PH w/Stork handle $200 shipped CONUS

Timeless bronze .38 antiqued finish $110 shipped CONUS
[Image: UL6p34y.jpg]

Wolfman WR1 .61 w/anodized baseplate $550

Timeless .95 OC scalloped $200

Wolfman bronze .61 Darwin (only available for trade at the moment.)

[Image: oi4sP7q.jpg]

M&F 2XL Finest $220 shipped CONUS

Dorian Crafts $120 shipped CONUS

Everset by the Varlet SOLD
[Image: 484HgCF.jpg]

DG Theodore “the vastness” B4 SOLD
[Image: H3zA5iJ.jpg]

Joseph Elliot  near wedge w/buffalo horn scales $120

Wade & Butcher hollow w/ abalone scales $210
[Image: W0tJWFv.jpg]

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Oh that Varlet..

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Everset SPF.
Everset SOLD
What's your price on the Declaration B4 brush?
Can you post more photos of the WR1. Especially the top cap and baseplate?
I have a 17 4 I’ve been thinking of letting go.

Paradigm 17-4 found. Searching for other items now.
If that Wolfman is stainless, than the baseplate surely can’t be anodized.... right?

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