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I made these handles on my lathe. Each has multiple coats of CA for a waterproof finish.

They are drilled out at 28mm (which fits 26mm knots) and approximately 17mm deep.

$35 each. (except the pink one with the coin is $45).

Free USPS Priority shipping to the US.

I’m up for trades... specifically, for stainless or titanium (TiBam) razor handles, quality knots, a brass Karve Plate, or try me!

(PS. Sorry for the bad iPhone pics)

[Image: cc440a2cf83ef590d27338c06849a14d.jpg]
[Image: 0e982572ccdb67dfabc86657e96a2707.jpg]
[Image: db375ece87fd1610d9105eea8e179516.jpg]
[Image: e1f97be01e200b1d57989b77b3cdccfe.jpg]
[Image: 79a118dff3d6ac0b029e0ce205b604e4.jpg]
[Image: 431b69addb3bec6c481ccea49948d821.jpg]
[Image: ccbf1d4118bcd6bca9098b56883c7474.jpg]

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Pink Handle with coin has been traded!
Walnut handle (bottom left in the first pic) is now traded as well.

Blue & Orange handle is now sold

Thank you

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