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Palmerton, PA
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Beautiful brush. I bought this wanting to get into badgers . I just can't pull myself away from my synthetics. Will trade for a razor. I have about 30+ synthetic brushes and do not need another.It's 30MM, the loft measures out at 55MM B4 Declaration Grooming  knot and the handle is a custom creation made by Stephen at Dog Wood. It's similar to his Abyss series, but only in black and blue.
Retail was $250. I used it 2 times.  [Image: SdPQ7fJ.jpg] [Image: cgEgil2.jpg]here is a better color pic[Image: NQiuGv2.jpg]

A. Feitar
Portland, OR
26mm, 28mm??

Palmerton, PA
B4 Declaration knot is 30mm
What razors were you looking for?
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Palmerton, PA
Nothing in particular. Open to any offers.

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