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MListed are non-loved items  
All soaps are 95% + remaining and scooped with a cosmetic scooper and never lathered in
NEW soap is the BM first snow
Wholly Kaw I just got this week and I'm so mad because I love the scent but it activated my asthma. This is their NEW donkey milk and water buffalo milk formula!
Creed Viking was bought at Saks and is 90% remaining
All prices are shipped conus with PayPal good and services payment
If you buy more than one item, I will discount the total price

Grooming Dept lot of Lime and Kolnisch $30

Brush lot of Plisson and Rick Montalvo with Timberwolf knot $40

BM Lot of NEW first snow, Promises with AF, and RARE Soapmakers of Awesome Town $40

Wholly Kaw King of Bourbon Set $40 (this set from wholly kaw is $50) barely scooped any from this soap so it can pass as brand new, same goes for AF

Creed Viking $165 (seems to be fair price based on past sales on eBay for same size bottle)

[Image: iy17w72.jpg]
[Image: K0TROI8.jpg]
[Image: s7XNbFE.jpg]

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All items pending

A. Feitar
Portland, OR
$15 for lime?

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