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Hello gents. I have a 7/8+ smiling Drew Dick with 40 layer straight pattern damascus and toxic green scales with Pewter wedge. I just got it brand new last week and have only used it 3 times. Unfortunately I need the money for another venture. Asking $250 shipped conus. [Image: bpaxPXw.jpg][Image: MW3HDBA.jpg][Image: U56NdRW.jpg]

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This is a great blade. I love mine. Should sell quick.

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Fort Drum, NY
That razor is so cool seriously if I were a straight user I would have bought it already.

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Drop to 250

How many pieces of tape was used when it was honed? Beautiful razor none the less.
(10-11-2019, 03:39 AM)jsanchez Wrote: How many pieces of tape was used when it was honed?  Beautiful razor none the less.
One layer. Only used 3 times so still the original edge.

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