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Soaps are 50% or more full probably closer to 75% includes everything you see in the picture slot of nice stuff the shark Avon has the original cologne in it the little blue car comes with the original box with the original Avon cologne in it the $60 pie does Givenchy is mostly full, the brush hanging on the custom copper hanger is so soft when you use it it's pathetic the little gray one in the dish I made that myself from Badger and blade Silvertip very nice pretty firm the blade the double-edged between the tubs I swear it's shaved better than AT&T pantalones twenty bucks guys. If I can fit all this in a large box I'm looking for $80 so I can fit all in one box with proper packaging so you receive it with nothing broken. This is USA only cuz because of the cologne. You can have the barbasol or you can tell me not to ship it whichever you please no blades included the head on the on the tutu is a $20 my guards she freaking beautiful it's amazing I don't think a Wolfman could do any better the wolf at yeah you're getting a $35 wolf at ceramic dish. PayPal and shipping included in the price I gave earlier.
I'm trying to make a good deal cuz I'm evicted and I'm moving this is the majority of my shaving stuff. All I'm keeping is one razor my blades and my turn and shave synthetic and of course my four tubs of Declaration. Please reply with your answers or questions and you're correct mailing address thank you.

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... trust in the Lord with all your heart....

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