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Hi All,  I’m looking to trade a jar of Chatillon Lux Yuzu/Rose/Patchouli salve (approx 80 %) and Gratiot Square League toner (used 2x).  I’ve enjoyed both but unfortunately they don’t agree with the others in my home.  

I’m interested in trading for any soaps by GD, L&L or WK (donkey milk). I’d also be willing to sell for $20 shipped CONUS.

Thanks for looking. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

[Image: mhVnVWA.jpg][Image: uCA8RM2.jpg]

you don't have the posts required for private messaging. i have some l&l i could do. but my mind is failing me, what is GD?

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Sorry about that. Yeah...still working up to 15 posts.

And sorry for the confusion. GD is Grooming Department.
no worries.

obvious now that i hear it. just don't have any, so it didn't come to mind.

what is your favorite number?
Items traded. Please archive.

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