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I have a Charcoal SB level 1 with Torpedo handle in Bright Brass with box that I want to trade for a Pils Razor in excellent condition
Reason for trade: I got this new razor in a trade with a friend but I already have one of those in another metal. (I traded my SS charcoal with him because he really wanted a SS version not because I wanted the brass one)

The copper hammered handle is something that can be had for a extra €40 (£35) on top of the trade if you like (this handle is no longer available)

Prefer trade within Europe because of custom issues. (they seem to open every package as of late).

If I don't find a trade I'll be putting the razor up for sale.

[Image: xJa0r49.jpg]

[Image: rGLDpZC.jpg]

[Image: yhhLtgV.jpg]

[Image: 2GjjoA1.jpg]
“I’m just a spiritual being having a human experience”

Munich area, Germany
PM sent on the copper handle

Copper handle is sold and if no trade is found I'll put the razor up for sale.
“I’m just a spiritual being having a human experience”

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