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Given a lot of thought, and I’ve decided to move the gem of my collection along.

Up for grabs is a Gillette Fatboy Toggle, original gold plate with zero signs of plate loss (that I can see and I have looked this over many, many times).  This comes with the original case, instructions, and several Gillette blue blades.  Not sure I would recommend using them, but they are there if you so choose.  The doors open smoothly and together, the dial clicks nicely through all nine settings.  The numbers are nice and black with a nice bright red dot to mark ground zero.  The case is in excellent condition no cracks and just the right amount of tension on the lid.  To your door in Canada or US $700 US.  Please PM with your interest.  No trades, this one ships with lots of insurance.

[Image: wG4P9WF.jpg]

[Image: dPJDBTY.jpg][Image: XCCfWg8.jpg][Image: PSjmpZh.jpg][Image: f0TxAgx.jpg][Image: 4pGupWo.jpg][Image: ioVINVO.jpg][Image: JB1EgL9.jpg][Image: pvLGjIf.jpg][Image: 5e5HWKR.jpg][Image: esJL8Qz.jpg][Image: Ybk4muy.jpg]
[Image: RWNJvg6.jpg]

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Simply Beautiful! GLWTS

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Wow!!! Glwts.

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Art. Phenomenal.

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Beautiful. D1 or F4?

F4...got it. GLWS

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nice razor!

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Texas USA
That’s really so cool.

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Ohio USA
Wish I could afford a nice one like this......Have to be satisfied with my Fatboy.....

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