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Hello all,

Looking to part with some razors and razor handles.

[Image: 37JSihv.jpg]

[Image: mXsWtFt.jpg]

Left to right

Top: Aristocrat #66
2nd row: Merkur 23C, Aristocrat Jr., Merkur 38C
3rd row: ATT Colossus, ATT Kronos, iKon OSS

2nd photo: Cashmere synthetic Whipped Dog 24mm and Black/White synthetic Whipped Dog 24mm

Aristocrat #66 pictures - https://imgur.com/a/GNqEdvW
Aristocrat Jr pictures - https://imgur.com/a/yHHkruO


Aristocrat #66 - $120
Merkur 23C - Retail 29.99, selling for $20
Aristocrat Jr. - $45
Merkur 38C - Retail $49.95, selling for $25
Take both Merkurs for $40
ATT Colossus - Retail $56, selling for $45
ATT Kronos - Retail $56, selling for $45
Take both ATT handles for $80
iKon OSS - Retail $25, selling for $17.50
Whipped dog synthetic brush set - Retail $28 each, selling both for $50 (Both brand new, never been used.)

All prices are with shipping CONUS included.

Trade items I would consider:

Thater Tortoise Boar highly preferred, but will consider others too
Blackbird 85mm or 101mm Polished handle
Simpson Emperor 3 Super

I will add money on my side for any potential trades that need it. Razors and handles are in good condition. Give me a bit and I'll post an album with more pictures of the two Aristocrats as I imagine that is that what is desired the most. Please let me know if I can answer any questions.

Edit: Hyperlinks to albums for both Aristocrat razors now included.
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Bump with price drops

Aristocrat #66 - $115
Merkur 23C - $18
Aristocrat Jr. - $40
Merkur 38C - $22
Take both Merkurs for $35
ATT Colossus - $40
ATT Kronos - $40
Take both ATT handles for $70
iKon - $15.00
Bump with more price drops

Aristocrat #66 - $90
Aristocrat Jr. - $30
ATT Colossus - $35
ATT Kronos - $35
Take both for $60

I'll throw the Ikon handle in for free with one of the Gillettes, or if you buy the Merkur or ATT set.

This is the last of the price drops before I withdraw the thread on Sunday.
Which brand is the shortest handle in the picture?
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That's the ATT Kronos. It's sold a bit ago. Both the Merkurs and the ATT handles with the iKon thrown in for free have been sold, with the #66 pending.

The Aristocrat #66 has now sold as well.
Is the black whipped dog still available?

Yes it is. I was planning on selling it together, but if you are interested in just that one I'll sell it for $25.

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