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I have the following brushes listed below that I am not using enough. It is time for them to go to a new home where they will be loved and used.

As usual, all prices include shipping and fees within the US. I will ship overseas, but please understand that it costs approximately $20-25 to ship to Europe and to Western Pacific rim countries via USPS. I usually end up losing in that deal...but, will try to work with you if it is at all possible.

I will only consider trade offers for a Wolfman WR1 Ti in .86 blade gap or Varlet Low Light Variants (other than the K2). Therefore, please do not pass other offers for they will be declined.

My prices are set for now ...some prices are higher than retail due to the collectable nature (and impossible to get) and some are lower. I apologize if the BE prices are too high...I will never be able to replace them for they are impossible to get now and are demanding premium prices.

Please do not send me reduced cash offers. I will not respond. Apologies, but the offers are sometimes very ridiculous and takes away my time from responding to other questions and deals.

Additionally, I do not intend on talking a ton of extra pictures. I have taken some and will send over as per specific requests....serious buyers only please.

Please read the description of the item below for any issues with the particular item and review my feedback for confidence. You may also review my feedback on the "popular" auction site where I have over 1800 positive feedbacks (100%) since 2000...my username is cobrapilot29 there as well.


All Sales can pick one FREE item from the last picture. Smile

1) Black Eagle Rhino (32mm in Black Eagel Colors) One Year Anniversary release. This brush took me over 4 hours to land. It has been used 4 times and presents a s new. - $575 - SOLD
[Image: JnluywC.jpg]
[Image: dmpU97l.jpg]

2) Black Eagle Cheetah w/ 0318A2 25mm Pre-Tied Knot - $325
[Image: AjcrkeV.jpg]
[Image: ekPEn60.jpg]

3) Black Eagle Lion w/ HT0318A2 25mm Hand Tied Knot - $425 - TRADED
[Image: BnzXP3p.jpg]
[Image: Wgw3osF.jpg]

4) Black Eagle Rhino w/ Prototype 25mm Hand Tied Knot - $475
[Image: 4JJhXyx.jpg]
[Image: nZWfu3T.jpg]

5) Varlet Everset K2 Low Light Matte (NEW) - $300 - SOLD
[Image: kx1FtgE.jpg]

6) Simpson Chubby 2 LE Silvertip in Butterscotch - $250
[Image: AOn7Zaq.jpg]
[Image: 9Je9h7I.jpg]

7) Simpson Chubby 2 Manchurian in Ebony - $285 - SOLD
[Image: RdbivLY.jpg]
[Image: hsSJZYp.jpg]

8) M and F (Lee Sabini Knot) 25mm in Faux Horn Handle - $95 - SOLD
[Image: fcDhzlg.jpg]
[Image: tmAAuLp.jpg]

[Image: TrZArwp.jpg]

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