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Purple one is an oz shaving custom order with glass in the handle. I wanted it themed for when the movie came out. With a maggards 24mm silvertip that's been used about 4 times. The glass does touch the edges in small places but has been smoothed out from the lathe. $110 into it looking for $70 shipped conus.

Next is a leo frillot custom carbon juma with red ring (forgot the fancy name for the red). It's pretty cool how the carbon textures change but the camera didn't pick it up.It's never been used, I just set the knot in there for the picture. Drilled for a 26mm. Was 90 plus shipping, would like $70 shipped SOLD

Next is a 28mm black eagle. Ridiculously soft and great flow through. Only selling because I like the color of my other one more. $190 shipped SOLD
[Image: WKemA6C.jpg][Image: Ee3OyzH.jpg][Image: TjARPBd.jpg][Image: amfOSiQ.jpg][Image: nqjUMLx.jpg][Image: kAUM4cc.jpg][Image: Dp4hP4Y.jpg][Image: susHNQl.jpg][Image: 65YcDFy.jpg][Image: fghd2tt.jpg]
Boy those are gorgeous brushes - GLWS!

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Peachtree City, GA
Same. Were it not for needing money for animal rescue would buy that carbon

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Just an old slow fat man
Can include knot if desired

A. Feitar
Portland, OR
Is the Black Eagle pre-tied or hand tied?
(03-26-2019, 04:31 AM)A. Feitar Wrote: Is the Black Eagle pre-tied or hand tied?

Prices reduced 5 bucks each
Bump. Magards shd bulbs are about to be released. You know you're gonna need a handle for them.
Can also remove the silvertip knot from purple handle if you'd like.

(05-17-2019, 12:37 AM)Gravity Wrote: Bumpity

PM Sent

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