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Selling my brass blackbird razor, as you can see from the pictures it's in pristine condition. Also includes an extra WCS brass handle ($17 value).

Price: $155 paypal F&F or $160 for G&S

CONUS, open to trading for a vector

[Image: Tu7HK7r.jpg]

[Image: gFLzRgl.jpg]

[Image: f20zMAh.jpg]

[Image: KTWO34l.jpg]

[Image: 9XF4lLP.jpg]

[Image: my0Aycv.jpg]

[Image: lChSy9V.jpg]

[Image: ptC4zO4.jpg]

[Image: PfK5eCw.jpg]

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great, seller - beautiful razor and great price! GLWS!

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Updated my listing, open to trading for a vector.

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