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This is a repost only because my previous post was hijacked:

I'm selling a brand new set of dance of agrumes (soap + balm) and brand new lav sublime soap and matching balm (I used a tiny amount of the lav sublime balm to get a sense of the scent).

I purchased these fairly recently, so everything is fresh.

Both of these items are seasonal and are not available anymore.

Dance of agrumes set: $50.00
Lav Sublime Set: $46.00

Everything together: $93

Prices include everything (shipping and paypal fees), CONUS only.

Not willing to split sets, open to trading for a fairly new karve razor (3 inch handle and D plate or above). I will of course add something else, just contact me and we'll work something out. Also willing to trade a single set for a karve and pay you some kind of difference.



Dance of agrumes is sold.
Lav sublime is still available.

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